Engr 691-12: Special Topics in Engineering Science
Software Architecture
Fall Semester 2000
Miscellaneous Lecture Notes

  1. Lecture Notes on Data Abstraction

    Supplementary notes from materials for other courses:

  2. ADT Case Study: Ranked Sequence

  3. Building a Layered Table Framework for the Table Abstraction

  4. Understanding Inheritance

  5. Mechanisms for Software Reuse

  6. Implications of Inheritance

  7. Polymorphism

  8. Second Look at Classes

  9. Introduction to Patterns

  10. Pipes and Filters Architectural Pattern

  11. Mary Shaw. "Some Patterns for Software Architecture".

  12. Patterns discussions from Grand textbook: Factory Method, Strategy, and Template Method.

  13. Student presentations of patterns.

  14. Sudharshan Vazhkudai and H. Conrad Cunningham. "A Reusable Software Framework for Distributed Decision-Making Protocols".

  15. John Vlissides. "Designing with Patterns", In Pattern Hatching: Design Patterns Applied, Addison-Wesley, 1998.

  16. Introduction to Object Orientation Used material on Requirements Analysis and Object-Oriented Design.

  17. Hans Albrecht Schmid. "Framework Design by Systematic Generalization", In Mohamed E. Fayad, Douglas C. Schmidt, Ralph E. Johnson, Editors, Building Application Frameworks: Object-Oriented Foundations of Framework Design, Wiley, 1999.

  18. Architectural Mismatch (HTML)

Miscellaneous Old Documents

  1. Introduction to Software Architecture (HTML)

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