Engr 691-12: Special Topics in Engineering Science
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Fall Semester 2000
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26 September 2000: Patterns Presentations

See the Patterns Presentation Groups menu item on the main page to see the memberships of the twelve groups for the presentation of patterns to the class.

I added students Hood, Gao, Addaganti, and Chrandraganti (whose names were not on the signup list) to various groups that had fewer than three members.

The number of the group gives the order of presentation. The name is the design pattern that the group is to present.

30 August 2000: Assignment #1

Assignment #1 was handed out in class today. It is due on Wednesday, 13 September.

This is not a particularly difficult assignment. My purposes are:

Note that I do want the classes and methods specified using preconditions, postconditions, and invariants. You might consider using my Assert class (or something similar of your own) to check for preconditions, etc.. You might want to use Javadoc to document the code. Etc.

If any of you are looking for more of a challenge, you might think about developing the program, in particular the BingoCard and GameCards classes, as an "application framework" for a whole class of Bingo-like games. By application framework, I mean a set of base classes, interfaces, and library classes that can be extended, implemented, or used to provide different specific games. Here are some ideas--perhaps all cannot coexist within the same design.

Don't try something sophisticated until you are sure you can deliver a good solution to the basic problem

Finally, if you have a programming problem you would like to tackle, then let me know. I could perhaps substitute it for this one, but more likely I might consider it for future individual or group programming exercises.

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