CSci 500: Fundamental Concepts in Computing
Course Development

The Fundamental Concepts courses CSci 500 (in Computing), 501 (in Systems), 502 (in Algorithms), and 503 (in Languages) are courses designed for students with undergraduate degrees in fields related to computer science who wish to study computer science at the graduate level. Enrollment in these courses is limited to students who have been admitted in conditional status in computer science. Graduate students who have been admitted in qualifying or nondegree status in computer science may take the course with the permission of the Department and the Graduate School. Credit for these courses cannot be applied to MS or PhD degrees in computer science.

CSci 500, Fundamental Concepts in Computing, is a transition course designed for students who have an insufficient background in automata theory, formal languages, or other foundational topics. It was taught for the first time during the 1999 fall semester by Prof. Conrad Cunningham. Prof. Cunningham is also teaching the 2000 fall offering of the course.

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