CSci 300: Social Responsibility in Computer Science
Discussion Topics

Tentative Schedule

20 August
What is a profession? Is computing a profession?
22 August
Computing as a profession.
27 August
Computing as a profession. Is software development engineering? Professional accountability.
29 August
Computing as a profession. Professional accountability and codes of ethics.
3 September
Software as intellectual property.
Collection of "Legally Speaking" columns from Communications of the ACM.
5 September
A "countercultural" view on software as intellectual property.
10 September
Science fiction report due; oral reports part 1.
12 September
Science fiction oral reports part 2
Annotated bibliography topic description due.
17 September
Risks and safety.
19 September
Privacy and civil liberties.
24 September
No class
26 September
Annotated bibliography due.
Term paper topic description due.
Controlling risks.
7 November
Term paper due.

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