Computer and Information Science

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    1998 Publications

    1. P. B. LAWHEAD. "The Use of Virtual Reality in Engineering Education,"
      Invited paper, Center for Advanced Computational Technology Workshop,
      NASA Langley Research Center at Hampton, Virginia, February 1998.
    2. E. S. Adams, K. Barker, J. Gal-Ezer, P. LAWHEAD, K. Maly,
      J. E. Miller, and P. Thomas. "Distance Education: Promise and
      Reality," In Proceedings of SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer
      Science Education, pp. 369-370, ACM, February 1997.
    3. H. N. ELMAHDY and P. T. MAGINNIS. "Virtual Entities as a Model for
      Multimedia Transmission Across Networks," In Proceedings of the IASTED
      International Conference on Networks and Communications Systems,
      pp. 148-152, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 1998.
    4. R. P. COOK, "The Mobile Classroom Project," In Proceedings of the
      Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE'98), Vol. 2, p. 205, Tempe
      Arizona, November 1998.
    5. R. P. COOK, "A Web-Based C++ Course Project," In Proceedings of the
      Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE'98), Vol. 3,
      pp. 1272-1273. Tempe Arizona, November 1998.
    6. K. F. GATES, P.B. LAWHEAD, and D.E. WILKINS. "A Design for Delivering
      Filtered Web Views," In Proceedings of the WebNet'98 Conference,
      pp. 330-335, Orlando, Florida, November 1998. Designated as a "top
      paper" at the conference.
    7. P. B. LAWHEAD. "Software Engineering Education: A Multidimensional
      Model for Teaching Software Engineering," In Proceedings of the ACM
      Mid-SouthEast Chapter Fall Conference, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, November
    8. K. Pillaipakkamnatt and D.E. WILKINS. "A Tool for Homework Submission
      Using the World Wide Web," In Proceedings of the WebNet'98 Conference,
      Orlando, Florida, November 1998.
    9. R. P. COOK. "An On-Line C++ Course: Implementation and Experience,"
      Software-Concepts and Tools, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 61-69, 1998