Computer and Information Science

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    Comptuter Science Seminar Series (CSSS)

    All seminars are held in room 235 of Weir Hall unless otherwise indicated.

    2014 Spring

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    3/2 3:00 PM    
    4/3 9:30 PM Transforming Data Center Networks for the Clouds Dr. Puneet Sharma


    2013 Fall

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    09/25 3:00 PM Monitoring human limb motion with ultrasound Dr. James M. Sabatier
    10/02 3:00 PM Iteration Aware Prefetching for Unstructured Grids Oyindamola "Damola" Akande
    10/09 3:00 PM OSCARS and BT Enhancement Caleb Robinson and Zeyang Su
    10/16 3:00 PM Two studies of machine learning in bioinformatics Tina Gui and Sheng Liu
    10/23 3:00 PM Vertical Usages of 4G Zhaohua Yi
    10/30 3:00 PM Part-of-speech Tagging, Latent Semantic Analysis and Contextual Continuity Tom Rishel
    11/06 3:00 PM    
    11/13 3:00 PM Segmentation and Unfolding of Elongated Point Cloud Data James Church
    11/20 3:00 PM    
    11/27 3:00 PM    
    12/04 3:00 PM    

    2013 Spring

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    01/29 2:30 PM Interviewing and Resume Tips with FedEx Services Xuan Liu, Michael Van Epps, Gabrielle Dycus, and Emily Abernathy (FedEx)
    01/30 3:00 PM Technical Work Across Languages and Cultures Dr. Emmette (Buster) Hale III (FNC)
    02/06 3:00 PM The D-Machine: An Example of a Homebrew Architecture David Troendle
    02/13 3:00 PM A Little Language for Surveys: Constructing an Internal DSL in Ruby Dr. H. Conrad Cunningham (UM CIS)
    03/06 3:00 PM Efficient FIB Caching using Non-overlapping Prefixes Mr. Yaoqing Liu (U of Memphis)
    03/11-03/15   SPRING BREAK  
    03/20 3:00 PM Exploiting Similarities in Writing Styles to Predict Authorship Dr. Thamar Solorio (UAB)
    03/22 2:30 PM

    Rules of Thumb for Competitive Grant Writing

    Mr. Jason Hale (UM ORSP)
    03/27 3:00 PM

    Rule Based Regression and Feature Selection for Biological Data

    Mr. Sheng Liu (UM CIS)
    04/02 2:30 PM Patents and Technology Transfer Opportunities Dr. Walter G. Chambliss (UM ORSP)
    04/03 3:00 PM    
    04/10 3:00 PM Extraction of Financial Information from Online Business Reports Dr. Sumali Conlon(UM MIS)
    04/17 3:00 PM    
    04/24 3:00 PM    
    04/28-05/03    Senior Project Presentations  

    2012 Fall

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    10/31 3:00 PM Codeword Design for Biomolecular Programming Dr. Max Garzon
    11/07 3:00 PM The Wave of Video Communication - From PC and Enterprise to Mobile and Social

    Dr. Linfeng Zhang

    11/14 3:00 PM Gesture Recognition Using Microsoft Kinect Mr. Marcel Simon

    2010 Fall

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    9/1 3:00 PM Subversion: No, I'm not talking about espionage! Scotty Polston
    9/15 3:00 PM The Globus Toolkit R-Tree for Partial Spatial Replica Selection Tony Tian
    9/29 3:00 PM Automata for Discovering First-Order Models with Infinite Domains Dr. Zachary Ernst
    10/6 3:00 PM Large Margin Classifiers and Random Forests for Integrated Biological Prediction on Mixed Type Data Sheng Liu
    10/20 3:00 PM Towards Semantic Alignment of Surface Mesh Shapes David O'Gwynn
    11/17 3:00 PM Gene Selection Using 1-Norm Regularization for Multi-Class Microarray Data Xiaofei Nan
    12/1 3:00 PM Mobile Applications Projects Pooja Saxena, Robert DeCurtins, T. J. Clayton, and Michael Macias

    2010 Spring

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    2/10 3:00 PM Navigational Modes for Exploring Large Virtual Environments Dr. Betsy Williams Sanders
    3/3 3:00 PM Performance, Portability, and Productivity in Parallel Programming and Parallel Processing Dr. Anthony Skjellum
    3/10 3:00 PM Microprocessor Design and Development for the US Navy F-14 Fighter Jet Ray Holt, M.S.
    3/31 3:00 PM The Resource Definition Language Chuck Jenkins
    4/7 3:00 PM cancelled Kris Katterjohn
    4/14   ACMSE Home ACM Southeast Conference
    4/21 3:00 PM State-of-the-art in Heterogeneous Computing Andre Brodtkorb
    4/28 3:00 PM CUDA by Example Martin Saetra

    2009 Fall

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    9/2 3:00 PM Welcome Reception T.J. Clayton and Chelsea Norman
    9/9 3:00PM Signal Processing of Evoked Brain Potentials: Implication for Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) Dr. Dwight Waddell
    9/16 3:00 PM Software Defined Radio using GNU Radio Dr. John Daigle
    9/23 3:00 PM Modeling Associative Memory: Evidence from Database Mining Dr. Erin Buchanan
    9/30 3:00 PM Metascheduling Bioinformatics Applications on the Grid Dr. Purushotham Bangalore (UAB)
    10/14 3:00 PM Computer Simulation of Biomacromolecules Dr. Randy Wadkins
    10/28 3:00 PM Game Design Programming with Microsoft XNA Vincent Fermo, Caleb Fox, Joseph Smith, Sam Testa, William Thompson
    11/4 3:00 PM Bioinformatics Tools Categorizer Dr. Raphael Isokpehi
    11/11 3:00 PM The Task Matrix Framework for Robot-Independent Humanoid Programming Dr. Evan Drumwright
    11/18 3:00 PM Resource Modeling in Discrete-Event Simulation Environments: A Fifty-Year Perspective Chuck Jenkins
    12/2 3:00 PM Computer Audio Demos Dr. Rice's Computer Audio Class

    2009 Spring

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    1/28 3:00 PM Building a PHP Framework Using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) Paradigm Michael Macias
    2/4 3:00 PM SAGE: An Open Source Mathematics Software James Church
    2/11 3:00 PM 3D Scanning on the Cheap: A Statistical Approach to Structured Light Graylin Jay
    2/16 4:00 PM Cryptography: From Enigma to Elliptical Curve Cryptography Dr. Donald Costello
    2/25 3:00 PM An Introduction to Matlab Joy Liao
    3/04 3:00 PM Windows 7 and the Next Wave Of Microsoft Technology Dan Waters
    3/11 3:00 PM Teaching of Algorithms to Introductory Programming Students Dr. Larry Morell
    3/25 3:00 PM Most Relevant Explanation in Bayesian Networks Dr. Changhe Yuan
    3/31 11:00 AM Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Services (to be held in Weir 106) Dr. Kathy Gates
    4/01 3:00 PM Plundering the USA Taxpayer Dr. Tobin Maginnis
    4/06 9:00 AM Brain-Computer Interface: Psychophysiology, Biofeedback, and Neurofeedback (held in Weir 106) Dr. Scott A. Gustafson
    4/08 3:00 PM Nintendo Wii Remote Applications on the PC Chad Vicknair
    4/15 3:00 PM A Career in Computer Science Anthony Nocentino
    4/22 3:00 PM

    Robotics class final project demos

    Dr. Yixin Chen's Robotics Class

    2008 Fall

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    8/27 3:00 PM Welcome reception for computer science students Faculty
    9/03 3:00 PM Feelin' Groovy: An Afternoon of Reflexive Meta-programming Matt Stine
    9/10 3:00 PM Trends in Language and Information Processing Dr. Vasile Rus
    9/17 3:00 PM Design and Implementation of a Virtual Machine Cluster Anthony Nocentino
    9/24 3:00 PM Test Automation Frameworks Wei Liu
    10/01 3:00 PM Managing Adaptive Virtual Distributed Environments on a Shared Infrastructure Dongyan Xu
    10/08 3:00 PM Ranking on Graph Data Using Kernelized Spatial Depth, with Application to Protein-Protein Interaction Data Cuilan Gao
    10/15 3:00 PM Mathematica 6 in Education and Research Andy Dorsett
    10/22 3:00 PM Ontology Learning for Online Course Creation Using NLP Techniques and Graph Theory Susan Lukose
    10/29 3:00 PM Writing People Friendly Software Deepak Mantena
    11/05 3:00 PM Acoustically-Driven Talking Face Animations Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks Jane Xue
    11/12 3:00 PM The Embedded XINU Laboratory at the University of Mississippi: A Hands-On Tool For Developing Projects in System Courses Patrick Hoover
    11/19 3:00 PM Recovery and Metrics-Guided Refactoring of a Grammar from a Hard-Coded Parser Nicholas Kraft

    2008 Spring

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    2/06 3:00 PM R-tree-based Index structuresLiang Huang
    2/13 3:00 PM A Formal Language and Analysis Tool for Black Box Specifications Dr. Gabriel Ferrer
    2/20 3:00 PM Intellectual Property: Basics, Search, and Strategy John Calvert
    2/27 3:00 PM Outlier Detection and Ranking: A Depth-Based Approach Dr. Yixin Chen
    3/05 3:00 PM Concurrent Programming in a Nutshell Derek Park
    3/19 3:00 PM A Structural Clustering Algorithm for Networks and Its Applications Dr. Xiaowei Xu
    3/26 3:00 PM A Spatial Median Filter for Noise Removal in Digital Images James Church
    4/02 3:00 PM Remote Visualization and Computational Steering for Large-Scale Scientific Applications Dr. Qishi Wu
    4/09 3:00 PM Cross-Platform Development with Squeak Smalltalk Jerry Bell
    4/16 3:00 PM Another Inconvenient Truth: A Second Great Depression Dr. Tobin Maginnis

    2007 Fall

    9/053:00 PMParallel Compression on the Cell Broadband Engine David Thigpen

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    11/14 3:00 PM NEUCHESS : An Implementation of Chinese Chess Computer Game Xiaofei Nan
    11/07 3:00 PM Toward Automatic Parallelization of Spatial Computation for Computing Clusters Baoqiang Yan
    10/31 3:00 PM Behind the scenes in IT: A look at the technologies that drive campus applications Dr. Kathy Gates
    10/24 3:00 PM IAEGS Virtual Portal Application SoftwareIAEGS
    10/17 3:00 PM Image Creation using Python and Numpy James Church
    10/03 3:00 PM REST with CSS, and ride with RAILS - A review of fast changing web development practices Arvinder Singh Kang
    9/26 3:00 PM Reflexive Metaprogramming in Ruby Dr. H. Conrad Cunningham
    9/19 3:00 PM Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) James Mauro

    2007 Spring

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    4/18 3:00 PM Let's Make Some Noise: Computer Audio Synthesis Demonstration Dr. Rice's Computer Audio Class
    4/11 3:00 PM Scheduling Jobs on Parallel Systems Using a Relaxed Backfill Strategy William A. Ward
    4/4 3:00 PM Fast Basis Selection and Instantaneous Frequency Tracking for Audio Signal Analysis and Synthesis Dr. Huimin Chen
    3/21 3:00 PM A Typology for Resource Profiling and Modeling Charles M. Jenkins
    3/07 3:00 PM Scalable Data Replication with Freshness Guarantees Khuzaima Daudjee
    3/02 3:00 PM Adaptive Virtual Distributed Environments in a Shared Infrastructure Paul Ruth
    2/19 3:00 PM Caching for Wireless Data Access Hui Chen
    2/07 3:00 PM A Robust Clustering Algorithm Using Statistical Depth Functions Yuanyuan Ding
    1/31 3:00 PM The History of Codebreaking, Part I: The Pre-Computing Era Jason Hale

    2006 Fall

    11/153:00PMXML Messaging via SOAPDr. Kathy Gates and Errol Sayre

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    8/31 3:00 PM A Framework for Unified Resource Management in Java Derek Park
    9/13 3:00 PM An Iteration-Aware Multidimensional Data Distribution Prototype for Computing Clusters Baoqiang Yan
    9/20 All Day Career Fair and Engineering Symposium -
    9/27 3:00PM Web Application Development using AJAX James Church
    10/4 3:00PM Framework Design by Function Generalization Dr. H. Conrad Cunningham
    10/12 7:00PM "I know what is in your wallet: even before you do; Privacy and the threat of virtual information."
    *At Anderson Hall auditorium
    Dr. Don Gotterbarn
    10/13 12:00PM Software Engineering Ethics Dr. Don Gotterbarn
    10/18 3:00 PM Combining Scientific and Information Visualization for Nematic Liquid Crystal Alignment Visualization Dr. T.J. Jankun-Kelly
    10/25 3:00PM I nformation Discovery on the Deep Web Dr. David King-Ip Lin
    11/8 3:00PM Enabling the "Internet of Things" Derek Gibbs

    2006 Spring

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    2/1 3:00 pm The Google Maps API James Church
    2/8 3:00 pm Version Control with Subversion Ben Pharr
    2/14 11:00 am Deconstructing the First-Person Shooter to Understand Human-Consistency and Transfer Learning to Create Better Artificially Intelligent Players Dr. Michael Youngblood
    2/15 3:00 pm Applications of XML in UM Web Services Dr. Kathy Gates
    2/24 3:00 pmDual-Homing Survivability for the Next Generation Internet.Dr. Jianping Wang
    2/27 3:00 pm Multiple-Instance Learning via Embedded Instance Selection. Dr. Yixin Chen
    3/1 3:00 pm Visible Models for Interactive Pattern Recognition Dr. George Nagy
    3/6 10:00 am Interfacing Massively Parallel Associative Computers for Database Applications. Dr. Michael Scherger
    3/8 3:00 pm EclipseUML Sreeram Dasoju
    3/22 3:00 pm Getting to Know Ruby Ben Pharr
    3/29 3:00 pm Tutorial on ArgoUML Mei Zhang
    4/5 2:00 pm Advanced Flow Visualization Techniques for Simulation Data. Dr. Robert Laramee
    4/12 3:00 pm Acoustically-driven Visual Speech Animation Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks Jianxia Xue
    4/19 3:00 pm Optimizing the Java Virtual Machine Instruction Set by Despecialization and Multicode Substitution Ben Stephenson
    4/26 3:00 pm Google Hacking Patrick Pace
    5/3 3:00 pm Mathematica (Weir 107) Dr. Sam Gordji

    2005 Fall

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    8/31 3:00 pm The Eclipse IDE Graham Green
    9/7 3:00 pm Mathematica for Beginners Sam Gordji
    9/14 3:00 pm The Simscript III Programming Language Dr. Stephen Rice
    9/21 3:00 pm Crafting Regular Expressions James Church
    9/28 3:00 pm Macromedia Flash Alex Jaramillo
    10/5 3:00 pm Miltec Research & Technology Jay Williams
    10/12 3:00 pm "Variety" Seminar Several
    10/19 3:00 pm vi and Emacs Taner Pirim / Dawn Wilkins
    10/26 3:00 pm Paradoxes of a Career in IT Chuck Jenkins
    10/31 1:00 pm Visual Analysis and Exploration of Fluid Flow in a Cooling Jacket Dr. Robert Laramee
    11/2 3:00 pm UltraEdit Dr. Steve Schoenly
    11/9 3:00 pm Derivation of a Program for Feijen's Table of Cubes Problem Dr. H. Conrad Cunningham
    11/16 3:00 pm Iteration Aware Prefetching for Remote Data Access Dr. Philip Rhodes / Sridhar Ramakrishnan

    2005 Spring

    Date Time Seminar Presenter
    2/18 3:00 pm LaTeX for Beginners Ben Pharr
    2/25 3:00 pm Open Office and Dynamic Document Creation Dr. P. Tobin Maginnis
    3/9 3:00 pm Smalltalk: Back to the Future Jerry Bell
    4/8 3:00 pm The Python Programming Language Sean Smith
    4/15 3:00 pm C# and the .NET Framework Navanath Prabhudessai
    4/22 3:00 pm Continuing Education: The Workplace Paul Garner
    4/29 3:00 pm Parallel Programming with MPI Tyler Simon